4 great online fundraising ideas

How to get more donations online

Nothing puts a person out there like asking for donations. Whether you are sourcing donations as an individual, a team, or as part of a larger organisation, asking people for money is difficult. We have compiled some of the best ways you can source more donations online.

Successful fundraising activities reach their audience by telling their stories on the best platforms available. They back up these efforts by providing different ways to donate, like allowing patrons to purchase items and clothing.

Looking to create custom items for your fundraising activity? We’ve made it easy for you to start a campaign and sell your products to raise money. 

1. Tell a story

online fundraising ideas telling a story

People are much more likely to resonate with your cause if you tell them your story. Whether you are seeking donations for an individual, donations for sports teams, or donations for schools, you need to give people a reason to hand over their hard earned cash.

  • Cover off all the big points: Who, What, When, Where, Why, How, and what you plan to achieve.
  • To build trust with your audience, make sure you show the people behind the cause.

Now you need to get your cause out there. The best way to make your story come alive is to use a digital platform that will reach thousands of people.

2. Use platforms

crowdfunding platforms

If you want to make bank, go to where your audience is. There are dozens of digital avenues for harnessing the power of people. By crafting an appealing message and choosing the right channel, your audience will be more than happy to throw you a bit of cash.

PrintLocker campaign

We have our own campaign platform at PrintLocker. You can design your product, tell your story, and promote your cause to everyone you know. When you reach your goal, we handle all the printing and shipping for you. Here’s how it works:

  • Choose your product and add your design and set your goal.
  • Share your story and promote it on social media, newsletter etc Tell everyone!
  • Track your progress, watch your goal getting closer.
  • Goal reached! We print and ship your orders and transfer your profit in to your nominated PayPal account.

Donation forms

These nifty little forms can be easily built into a page on your website. The aim of the game here is conversion. Your donation form should allow someone to make a donation in as few clicks as possible. Be simple and concise, but emotionally engaging.

  • Make sure that your page is engaging, and that the form is enticing.
  • Ensure that your form supports a digital payment system like Venmo, PayPal or Stripe.


Crowdfunding is a popular fundraising method for businesses, startups, and non-profits everywhere. By crafting an emotional journey or great proof of concept, you can reach thousands of people in your network, and outside of it.

  • Platforms like GoFundMe and Kickstarter can support anything from fundraising for individuals, to fundraising for schools.
  • Your crowdfunding page should contain all the details of your endeavour, plus incentives for donating more money.


Do you have a special skill or talent, or do you offer a unique service to your community? Patreon is the go-to platform for content creators, artists, and other creative ventures to gain steady, monthly incomes by way of subscriptions.

  • You can limit the content your fans see by making it exclusive to your Patreon.
  • Integrate hundreds of apps into Patreon to give your patrons the best possible experience.

You can bring the digital experience into the real world by using any of these platforms to offer physical items and gifts to your patrons.

3. Offer accessories

accessories for fundraising

The best way to entice someone into donating is to offer a manifestation of their donation. People get turned off by the idea of giving away their money and never seeing the results. By creating and selling items, you offer your patron a permanent reminder of their effort, one that might inspire more donations.

With PrintLocker, you can design and print a range of accessories for your online store.


Caps are an essential in the Australian climate, but for a lot of people, not something that they would go out and buy. Your patron will be reminded of your cause whenever they walk out of the door on a sunny day.


Everyone needs a unique mug. Sharing cups is a key source of office disagreement. By plastering your cause on a mug, your patron will have a daily reminder of what you are trying to achieve.


People donate to causes they are aligned with. More often than not, these patrons like to let others know what they value. Very identifiable and worn on the chest, custom badges are great at getting your message across.

4. Design clothing

clothing for crowdfunding

The best way to get your message out there is to have someone wear it. Printing clothing can broadcast your cause to hundreds of people outside of your core base. Instead of begging for donations, offer your patron stylish, custom t-shirts for purchase.

The easiest way to print custom clothing is through PrintLocker’s online design studio. We can also help you set up a free fundraising campaign for your cause.


Custom t-shirts are your best bet when it comes to offering merchandise. Tees come in a variety of styles, including crew neckV-neckscoop neckslim fitvintage, and stone wash.

Hoodies and sweaters

Perfect for the colder months, custom printed hoodies and sweaters offer you a chance to make your message last. Winter clothes are thrown out less frequently than lighter clothing, so your patrons will hang on to yours.


Great for active pursuits like fun runs, custom printed singlets can provide a lasting memory of a great time. Be sure to offer an array of sizes and colours to suit all tastes.

PrintLocker is your one-stop shop for merchandising. See how easy it is to set up a free fundraising campaign or design the perfect product with our online design studio.

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