5 Custom T-Shirt Mistakes To Avoid

Getting your custom t shirt design right the first time helps you save money and avoid delays in receiving your order. First-time customers often make mistakes when ordering personalised or branded t-shirts, which can lead to further costs and time spent on printing.

Here are five common mistakes to avoid:

  1. Not choosing a reliable and reputable custom t-shirt printing company

If you’re looking for a superior quality service, it’s essential to do your due diligence on the printing company you choose. It’s worth taking the time to do your research to find one that offers a variety of printing options for you to choose from and has the latest innovative tools, equipment, and technology to achieve the results you want. The customer experience you receive should come from a friendly, knowledgeable and astute staff that provide the right advice and service.

  1. Not investigating all apparel options

Investigate which custom apparel item will best serve your needs. From t-shirts, polos and shirts to sweaters, hoodies and caps, there should be several products to choose from. Consider your goal (a golf day fundraiser, for example) and what type of clothing your target audience would prefer? Don’t forget to take the location and season into account.

  1. Not considering all your design options

Deciding to go with the first design you come up with means you could miss out on opportunities to create an even better one. Have you looked at other successful designs for inspiration? You may find unique typography you haven’t seen before. Speak to your printing company about alternative design ideas that could work.

  1. Printing on poor-quality t-shirts

Choosing to save money by printing on poor quality t-shirts will reflect poorly on your brand. If you don’t choose a high quality, yet cost-effective printing method then you could end up with poor results.

  1. Including dates in the design

Including dates in the design of your custom t-shirt is risky as the garment will date quickly. There are only a few instances when dates are useful, such as when you’re providing guests with a souvenir of a special event or participants with a token of their accomplishment.

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