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In the world of fashion, hoodies have carved a permanent spot as an essential wardrobe staple. 

More than just cosy companions; custom hoodies are a great way to tell the world who you are without uttering a word. 

So why are hoodies so beloved? 

It’s simple: hoodies effortlessly bridge the gap between fashion and function. Dress them up with jeans and sneakers or dial them down with joggers for the ultimate casual vibe – versatility is their middle name. 

So how can you get the most out of your hoodie?

Whether for personal or branding use, the best way to get the most value out of your custom hoodie is to personalise it with a custom design and we’ve compiled a list of 30 creative hoodie design ideas for your inspiration.

Considerations for Your Hoodie Designs

Before we dive into the creative list, let’s first talk strategy. After all, becoming a graphic designer of your perfect hoodie starts with some important considerations. 

Fabric type

First, consider your fabric type. The texture and feel of your custom hoodie must match your unique style, so ask yourself, would I be better served with a lightweight fit? a more durable hoodie option? When it comes to fabric the opportunities are endless so take the time to consider all the possibilities.

Design type

Are you looking to cater for tradies who bear the elements on a work site? Or are you simply creating an everyday streetwear hoodie? Not sure? Take some time to consider all the possible options.

Audience type

What is your audience? Are they sports fanatics, art aficionados, or families? Tailoring your design to your target audience ensures your custom hoodie speaks their language.

Get Inspired with 30 Creative Hoodie Design Ideas

1. Minimalist Hoodies

A single word that says it all 

Your motto, your vibe. The best way to capture the essence of you or your brand is to keep your design simple and bold. 

Iconic symbols 

If a picture can paint a thousand words, so too can the right symbol. Picture “peace” or “love” – no doubt we just pictured the same memorable symbols.

Geometric lines 

Lines are a fantastic way to capture emotion. There’s a major difference between a jagged zig-zag line and a curvy, rounded line. Ask yourself; what emotion am I trying to capture in my custom merchandise?

Black and white

Or as we like to call them, monochrome marvels. This is a great way to make your art or image design stand out

Abstract shapes

Abstract shapes are a great way to keep things simple and creative at the same time. This is the perfect way to express your unique self.

2. Family Connection Hoodies

The dynamic duo

Forget matching tattoos, custom-matching clothing is a fantastic way to bond with loved ones.

Family silhouettes

Maybe you don’t want to showcase a specific family but capture the beauty of family in general. In this case, silhouettes are the perfect choice.

Names of family members 

Whether you are looking to add a simple written name or an intricate design of multiple names you hold dear, the possibilities are endless.

Family motto or quote

The perfect way to bond with your loved ones is with a heartwarming quote that echoes the strength of family ties.


Looking for a unique and creative design? Fingerprints transformed into art are a great way to represent your family’s distinct connection.

3. Sport-Themed Hoodies

A basketball hoop…

Or any distinguishing symbol of the sport you love. Think rugby posts, a netball hoop or soccer goals.

A ball

While many sports use a ball, most have their unique version. Love cricket? Let’s put that red leather ball on your clothing. Soccer fanatic? Why not add that checkered ball on there too?

A finish line 

Sport is all about goals and accomplishments. So too is life. A finish line added to your clothing can be a great reminder to never stop chasing your dreams.

Your favourite athlete

Whomever your favourite athlete is, a still frame of them In action would look incredible on a custom hoodie. 


Do you have a favourite quote about sport? Maybe it’s motivational like “games end, training doesn’t”. If you do, this can be a great reminder to get your body moving.

4. Art-Inspired Hoodies


Perfect for streetwear hoodies, brush strokes morphing into graffiti can create a stylish symphony of colours to showcase you or your brand.

Self portrait

Want a truly personal experience? A self-portrait on your hoodie can turn it into a masterpiece.

Your favourite painting

Are you an admirer of the Mona Lisa? Or perhaps less known and more personal? Your favourite painting splashed across your hoodie will look incredible.

Camera lenses

This one is for all the photography and travel lovers out there, it’s a great way to capture your adventurous spirit.

Sketchbook pages 

Maybe your idea of art is less visual and has more to do with the written word. Fear not, notebook pages or a pen can capture our love of writing in a single image.

5. Nature-Inspired Hoodies


A symbol of life, change, or even a sustainable company. Leaves are a great way to represent your values and emotions.


To all the animal lovers out there, what is your favourite animal? Why? Does it say something about you or your brand? Why not place it on a hoodie?

A mountain peak

A mountain peak is a poetic symbol with a lot of meaning. It represents triumph and reminds you to reach for the sky.


With waves, the opportunity for creativity is endless. You can change the size, style or design of the wave and it’s a great way to capture the essence of nature.


Who doesn’t love a sunset? If your custom hoodie isn’t warm enough, a sunset print will warm your very soul.

6. Vintage Vibes Hoodies

Retro cassette tapes

Are you an old soul? A cassette tape is a creative nod to a bygone era of music.

Pixelated graphics 

Are you an old-school gamer? Whether you loved Donkey Kong or Space Invaders, this style is a great way to capture your unique interests on a quality hoodie.

Vinyl record 

Another nod to a different time, a vinyl record on your quality hoodie spins memories of melodies past.

Classic movie posters

Fascinated with pop culture? This is a go-to vintage design channelling the golden age of cinema. Think Pulp Fiction or even The Godfather.

Vintage typography

Fascinated with history and era’s gone by? Vintage typography is a creative way to turn words into timeless art.

PrintLocker offers Custom Hoodie Designs

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