A Customised Christmas

We know that it’s still technically November and we’re almost a full month away from Christmas, but who can help feeling a little excited at this time of year? If you aren’t feeling the excitement just yet, then our team at PrintLocker are here to help you to start planning the festivities!

Forget the trees for a moment and you can even ignore the decorations for a while longer, too.

What we’re here to talk about is on the tip of everyone’s tongues and at the top of most people’s priority lists – and that is PRESENTS. If you’re a huge fan of receiving gifts and you’d like to enjoy something that’s entirely personal, then why not give your loved ones a not-so-subtle hint to head our site? Just let them know your size and colour preferences and our design process will guide them through the rest. Custom tees made easy!

The Perfect Gift

And what about those of you out there that actually want to be the giver of fantastic gifts at this time of year? It’s about this time that you’ll be scouring the local shopping malls in the hopes of stumbling across something that really catches your attention, but why brave the festive rush when you could order something entirely unique and enjoyable from the comfort of your own home?

Now, we might be a little biased here – because not only do we offer some of the highest quality printed clothing in the world, let alone in Australia, but we also know exactly what it takes to put a smile on a loved one’s face. We all know how enjoyable festive tees can be, in fact we’re sure that there are many of you out there that are already contemplating the idea of giving a customized number to a friend or family member, especially to those whose wardrobe may be in need of a few new additions.

But if you’re thinking of going for something that screams summer, look no further than a custom singlet or tank, perfect for hitting the beach over the New Year’s period!

We’ve also heard the call for ladies crop tanks and tees, and as of this week, we have the new 100% Australian made and owned INKK sp threads ready for the Christmas rush. Give them a shot!

Why not get in there a little bit earlier than usual and place an order with us today? We’ll help you to choose a design, or make it easy for you to upload your own one – and your loved one will certainly be on the receiving end of a gift that can be as personal or as outrageous as you’d like!

At PrintLocker, custom prints are our speciality and we’d love nothing more than to get your celebrations started early this year.

One oif our new INKK sp crops in action
One of our new INKK sp crops in action

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