Best hoodie ideas for couples

Couple hoodie ideas

Get inspired with these cute and kooky hoodie ideas for couples

Falling in love is the most exciting feeling in the world. A close second, however, is the thrill of expressing that love with matching couples’ hoodies.

Custom hoodies can be a fun novelty idea to celebrate a holiday or special occasion. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are also pragmatic reasons to design and order matching hoodies. And, if you take a little inspiration from the Korean peninsula, they can even be high fashion. How to Buy Viagra online

Here are some of the best hoodie ideas for couples, compiled for you and your loved one.

Designing matching garments is simple with PrintLocker. With our straightforward platform, it’s never been easier to make and order customised hoodies.

Matching couples’ hoodies: A hot trend out of Korea

Koreans have a long tradition of wearing matching outfits with a significant other. Customarily, newlyweds on their honeymoon would dress alike to show everybody that they were in love. Today, even when just going on a first date, it’s not uncommon for Korean millennials to ask what the other person will be wearing so they can dress to match.

All across the world people are loving Korean culture, from K-pop and cuisine to the hottest new fashions. So, it’s really no wonder that matching hoodies have started to catch on as well.

Matching couples’ hoodies don’t have to be identical

When chic Koreans dress in matching hoodies, they often opt for slightly different, complimentary designs. For example:

  • • Get the same logo or print, but in different colours.
  • • Alternately, keep the colours the same, but vary the designs.
  • • Modify the patterns. Your partner might opt for vertical stripes, while you go horizontal.

Share a joke with a couples’ hoodie

funny couple hoodies

One of the most important things for a happy relationship is sharing a sense of humour. With customised couples’ hoodies, you can make yourselves laugh and share your special connection with the world.

Affectionate sledging: We all remember the classic ‘I’m with stupid’ T-shirts. In a similar way, a popular contemporary trend for couples’ clothing is to have ‘The Boss’ for him, and ‘The Real Boss’ for her. Generic Xanax online

Make it personal: With our easy-to-use design platform, you’re not limited to generic ideas. You can put your own unique jokes on your hoodies. Is there anything embarrassing in your partner’s past? Make light of it on a custom hoodie.

A picture says a thousand words: If you’ve got a favourite two-frame meme, you could split up the images and put one on each hoodie.

Stop arguments before they start with two of the same hoodie

It is inevitable in a relationship that, at some point, your partner will start to steal your clothes. It might just be a pair of socks, or a shirt, and that’s not so bad. But when a loving spouse steals your favourite hoodie and makes it their own, things have gone too far.

And if you should ever break up (perish the thought) you might never see your beloved custom hoodie again. Avoid disaster and save yourself from all that anguish–when you order and design a customised hoodie, get one for your partner as well.

Wacky matching holiday hoodies for couples

festive couple hoodies

Many couples have a long tradition of posing for a Christmas card picture in matching sweaters. Nowadays though, you can pose for a yuletide Instagram post with fresh matching hoodies instead.

And don’t just limit yourself to Christmas. You can get matching hoodies for all sorts of special occasions. For example:

  • • Valentine’s Day
  • • Halloween
  • • Purim
  • • Big sporting events
  • • Election night parties
  • • Family holidays

Matching hoodies aren’t just for couples

With PrintLocker, it’s quick and affordable to design customised hoodies. Why limit yourself to just getting matching designs with your partner? You can design and order matching hoodies for your kids, friends, family, or even your pub trivia team.

Don’t stop at couples’ hoodies

With a massive range of products to choose from, PrintLocker makes it easy to design a vast assortment of matching outfits. Why stop at couples’ hoodies? Customise anything you like, with matching hatsapronst-shirts and much more.

Get started designing couples’ hoodies with Print Locker’s easy-to-use design platform.

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