Custom Christmas Sweater Ideas

Custom christmas sweaters

Sweater Designs For Your Family This Holiday Season

Some of the older Christmas traditions have practically gone extinct — hardly anybody burns a yule log anymore, or sings carols with the neighbours. Thankfully, exciting new Christmas traditions have taken their place. Things like:

  • • Skype calls with loved ones far away
  • • Putting an Elf on the Shelf
  • • Re-watching classic Christmas movies like Die Hard

But of all these Noel novelties, one stands head and shoulders above the rest: the ugly Christmas sweater. No matter where you spend the festive season, custom Christmas hoodies are an awesome way to make the holidays more fun.

To help you design an extra-special garment, we’ve put together this list of our favourite custom Christmas sweater ideas.

At Print Locker, we have an wide range of hoodies, ready to be adorned with your customised Christmas designs.

Ugly is beautiful when it comes to Christmas sweaters

ugly christmas sweaters

Christmas is the one time of year when ordinary fashion rules don’t apply. When you’re coming up with Christmas hoodie ideas, it is impossible to be too busy, or garish. When designing a Christmas hoodie, feel free to indulge in things like:

  • • Bright, eye-popping designs
  • • Clashing colours
  • • Busy patterns

Make Christmas sweaters fun for the whole family

It’s fun to wear a Christmas hoodie, but it’s even more enjoyable when the whole family joins in. With personalised designs, and an assortment of different sized hoodies (including ones designed for children) you can get everybody involved.

Stay relevant with a topical design for your Christmas hoodie

One of the great things about designing your own Christmas hoodie online is that there’s a fast turnaround. Only a short while after you design the garment, you’ll find it has been shipped straight to you.

That means you can personalise the perfect topical hoodie in time for Christmas day. In 2019, for example, you might consider designs that incorporate:

  • • Fresh, zesty memes: ‘OK Boomer, have a merry Christmas!’
  • • The hottest celebrity gossip: ‘Happy Kanye West-mas’
  • • The latest political developments: ‘All I want for Christmas is a stable and orderly resolution to the Brexit crisis’

Get your Christmas hoodie just right with a personalised design

There’s nothing better than unwrapping a present on Christmas day and discovering that you got just what you wanted. When you customise your own Christmas hoodie, you can experience that same joy.

Every factor in the construction of the garment can be tailored to your exact specifications. You will have your choice of:

  • • Cut
  • • Colour
  • • Print
  • • Design
  • • Material
  • • Size

Involved everybody with a themed set of Christmas hoodies

funny christmas sweater

If you’re investing in lots of hoodies for the family, you could take Christmas to the next level by getting different hoodies that all go together with a fun theme. For example:

  • • Try a North Pole theme: Get Dad a Santa hoodie, to go with Mrs. Claus for Mum, some child-sized elf inspired hoodies for the little ones, and maybe a red-nose and reindeer horns for the family pet.
  • • A hoodie nativity: Have you got a big family? Why not try recreating a nativity scene—with Mary, Joseph, the infant Christ, wise men, and a star—all in hoodie form?
  • • 12 Days of Christmas: If you have a truly enormous family, and some serious design skills, you could try replicating The Twelve Days of Christmas in sweaters. One person can wear an image of a partridge in a pear tree, and the next two turtle doves, all the way up to twelve lords a leaping.

Keep the climate in mind when designing your customised Christmas clothes

In Australia, where Christmases can be toasty, you don’t want to get caught out wearing an unsuitable fabric. Thankfully, Print Locker offers a massive variety of different kids of hoodie.

  • • If you live in a particularly cold part of the country, or are planning on spending Christmas overseas, you might like to invest in a thick, bulky material.
  • • If Christmas day is looking as though it might be a touch warmer in your part of the world, consider getting a lighter fabric.
  • • If Christmas this year is threatening to be an absolute scorcher, you might even want to consider designing some Christmas t-shirts instead.

Designing Christmas hoodies is easy with Print Locker. Check out some of our Christmas designs, and start putting your personal touch on the garments. 

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