Custom Christmas T-Shirt Ideas

Custom christmas tshirt

Design Your Own Christmas Themed T-Shirts

Australia can get incredibly hot at Christmas time. Our cousins up in Europe and North America might spend December roasting chestnuts by an open fire, but Aussies are more accustomed to blasting the air conditioner and grabbing an ice block.

Our sweltering climate means that some Christmas traditions don’t work down under. You can’t go sledding when there’s no snow, and nobody feels like a eating a big roast dinner when it’s 45 degrees outside.

And then there’s the question of Christmas-themed clothes, like Santa costumes, elf attire, and ugly Christmas sweaters. That sort of attire might be fun, but it’s hardly weather appropriate. Luckily, there is a solution: the customised Christmas T-shirt.

Use these custom Christmas t-shirt ideas to maximise the fun of dressing up in a festive garment, while staying cool at the same time.

Designing your own t-shirts has never been so easy. Get started by checking out some of our Christmas-themed logos.

Re-imagine the Christmas sweater as a t-shirt from PrintLocker

colourful christmas tshirt

Across the world, the ‘ugly Christmas sweater’ has become a staple of the holiday season. Aussies living in colder climates, like Tasmania, might experience a cool enough Christmas to join in. But for Australians living anywhere north of Melbourne, Christmas tends to be much too sweaty to wear a sweater!

Even though it’s hot outside, you can still partake of this hot Christmas trend. Take inspiration from the tuxedo t-shirt by re-imagining a Christmas sweater as a t-shirt. Design your own online, and remember to include:

  • • bright, clashing colours
  • • busy patterns
  • • lots of Christmassy imagery

Get into character with a customised Christmas t-shirt

No Christmas party is complete without a visit from Santa. A visit from jolly old St. Nick is always a delight, for both the young and the young at heart.

It’s not all fun; there’s nothing worse than having to pull on a thick, heavy Santa costume in the blistering heat. This year, let Father Christmas take it easy. Give him a customised, cool Santa t-shirt to wear instead.

Get the whole family involved with themed Christmas t-shirts

family themed christmas tshirt

Everybody wants that perfect Christmas family photo. It looks great on the fridge, captures loving Christmas memories, and is a sure-fire way to get lots of likes on Instagram.

Make your family photo extra special this year with funny matching family Christmas t-shirts. For example, you could try:

  • • North Pole theme: Dad can be Santa, Mum can be Mrs. Claus, and the little ones can be elves.
  • • Nativity theme: If you’ve got a big family, you could use customised t-shirts to re-create the nativity. There are plenty of roles to go around: Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, the wise men, the inn keeper, a star, an angel, and lots of animals.

Have a laugh with a humorous Christmas t-shirt

Christmas family  gatherings can be a bit awkward. Break the ice with a funny Christmas joke, written on a customised t-shirt. That way, people can start cracking up long before the Christmas crackers come out.

Get tip-top tank tops for Christmas

Sometimes, an Aussie Christmas is too hot even for a t-shirt. How are you supposed to dress up for the festive season when it’s not sleeves weather? The answer is a Christmas-themed tank top.

With a personalised, Christmas-themed tank top, your love of Christmas will be as obvious as your bulging biceps. Suns out, guns out, Yuletide festivities in!

Check out the countless other ways to customise Christmas clothes

Christmas t-shirts are a great start, but why stop there? With our easy online design technology, it’s easy to design other kinds of Christmas clothes and personal items. Some options include, but are not limited to:

A personalised t-shirt isn’t just for Christmas

Other times of year deserve their own especially designed t-shirts, too. It’s never too soon to start thinking about customised t-shirts for special occasions like:

  • • Birthdays
  • • Easter
  • • Australia Day
  • • Halloween
  • • Wedding Anniversaries
  • • Pub crawls
  • • Family holidays

Get started on your Christmas t-shirt design today. Book soon, and our speedy delivery team will be able to deliver your order to your door well before the silly season starts.

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