Custom t-shirt ideas for hen’s parties

custom t shirts for hens parties

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It wouldn’t be a hen’s night without a custom printed t-shirt. Not only are they funny and flattering, they allow you to keep the gang together while spreading the good news.

Are you sending off one of your flock? This article contains our most popular hen’s night t-shirt ideas, from sophisticated to hysterical. Using our online design studio, you can create your own custom hen’s night t-shirt. If you want something extra special, get in touch with the PrintLocker team.

Class it up

hens party custom t-shirts

Not all pre-wedding celebrations have to be about deadset debauchery and the hangover that comes with it. With these classier options, your wedding party will be looking and feeling fine on your hen’s night, whether you are staying in or going out.

The team

The squad, the crew, the gang. It’s your friend’s hen’s night, and you are part of a team. No matter where the night takes you, you’ll stick together through thick and thin. A team-themed t-shirt will keep you all rallied under the same banner.

  • Make a team-themed shirt with a bit of text and a few graphics.
  • You can even make labelled shirts for different members of the hen’s party, for example, bridesmaids, the maid of honour, and family members.

The glamorous

Glitz and glamour is a great way to smarten up your hen’s party. Whether you are having wine and cheese at home, or hitting the local beer garden, there’s plenty of different options for keeping you looking glamorous all night long.

  • Pink, gold and silver create a winning contrast of regal colours.
  • Adorn your custom t-shirts with graphics and designs that appeal to your fancy side.

The old favourite

Does your group have a favourite movie or TV show? Pop culture references look great on a custom printed t-shirt. Sit down with the rest of the hen’s party and figure out what your bride-to-be would appreciate most, whether it’s favourite characters, or classic quotes.

  • The iconic Friends title card makes a fantastic t-shirt graphic.
  • Celebrate great wedding films like BridesmaidsFour Weddings and a Funeral, and Mamma Mia!
  • Romantic comedies like 10 Things I Hate About YouBridget Jones’s Diary, and Love Actually also make great reference points for custom t-shirt designs.

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hens party custom tshirts

Hen’s nights are all about fun and frivolity. Whether you are keen to get flirty, or down and dirty on the dance floor, a custom hen’s night t-shirt will definitely turn heads. Get your squad together and have a laugh with these hilarious custom t-shirt ideas.

The hen

Sometimes, the simplest ideas are the best. If you want to rock an understated look, consider a hen, rooster, or chicken-themed custom t-shirt. Let the town know what you’re out to do. After all, it’s the recognised symbol of a bride about to go off to roost.

The novelty

Hen’s nights are about high spirits, so why not joke around with your custom printed t-shirt? There are so many jokes, memes, and one-liners to include on your garment. Just make sure they aren’t too offensive for the general public. Here are some of our favourites:

  • She’s got the hubby, we’ve got the bubbly.
  • The Misses: Miss Behaving, Miss Demeanour, Miss Chief & Miss Conduct
  • One last fling before the ring.

The picture

Every group has that one killer photo where you all look your best. Print that on a custom hen’s night t-shirt and savour the memories before things get a bit hazy. Photo t-shirts are great for reminiscing about days gone by.

  • Incriminating childhood photos of your hen will cause a bit of playful embarrassment.
  • If you have a friend who’s handy on Photoshop, there’s no limit to what you can do.

Other garments

Your can create much more than custom hen’s night t-shirts. At PrintLocker, we also have hoodies, sweaters, long sleeve shirts, polos, hats, and accessories. If you’re looking for something a little out of left field, our friendly team would be glad to assist in any way we can. You can get in touch with us online.

Visit our online studio today and start designing your own custom hen’s night t-shirt.

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