Father and son gift ideas to last the generations

Father and son wearing legends t-shirts

Forget socks and jocks – it’s been done!

Father’s Day has a way of sneaking up on us each year. But we can’t let them off that easy, can we? Park the idea of wrapping up another pair of socks, and keep things interesting with some Father’s Day gift ideas that are sure to crack a smile.

Don’t let Father’s Day get by without celebrating him with personalised t-shirts for Father and Son! Design your custom t-shirt with PrintLocker, a unique and hilarious Father’s Day gift idea.

Let him know what a legend he is (and what a legacy you are)

Your Dad has no doubt achieved quite a bit in his life, but these accomplishments pale in comparison to raising you. This can be hard to put into words sometimes, so we’re here to help with the delivery. Design personalised t-shirts for Father and Son that let him know what a legend he is, and what a legacy he has created with you. This Father’s Day gift idea works for adult and child sons!

Not only is this special, but it will also stir a chuckle when you wear the shirts together. If you’re celebrating Father’s Day, arrive wearing your ‘The Legacy’ shirt and watch the penny drop when he unwraps his ‘The Legend’ mens shirt. Even when Dad wears his shirt separately on his own, the design is smart enough to not need context, and will have positive memories associated.

Father and son wearing t-shirts against a white wall

Give the gift of experience

Few things in life are as sacred as those family holidays, warm festive Christmas’, and back-clapping memories. These times are far from over for Dad, and you could even orchestrate the next one for him. This might take some research, and a little advice from Mum.. but there are no doubt many bucket list items he hasn’t yet put a line through.

If you need some inspiration, consider:

  • Play a game of golf: let him show you how to swing with a day on the green
  • Enjoy a game of trivia: learn what he knows with a battle of the wits
  • Try a cooking class: teach him new tricks by making pasta or dumplings
  • A game of bowling: strike out with a couple of games in the lanes

There are many Father’s Day gift ideas you can explore in the way of experiences, solidifying your bond and a great excuse for a laugh!

Son to Father, let him know what a guy he is

Dad is pretty great.. just ask him! So why not make it public with some personalised t-shirts for father and son? These custom designed shirts can hit his personality and passions right on the head, or you can flex a little bit of creative license on his behalf.

Ranging from realistic to ridiculous, here are some angles you may want to take your personalised t-shirts for father and son.

Picture your Dad dressed in some of these one liners:

  • “Great Dad to a great Son (Yes, he bought me this shirt)”
  • “I had a Dad bod before it was cool”
  • “This is what an awesome Dad looks like”
  • “Nothing beats the original… sorry son!”

The better the personalised t-shirt, the better chance there is of him wearing this number to the supermarket, pub or around the house. You can also choose your design to appear on a range of mens t-shirt styles, ensuring he gets the cut and fit he will love.

Father and baby out for a walk pram

Joke gifts: poke fun at Dad, he can take it!

Father and Son roasting knows no bounds, and neither one of you would have it any other way. Beat him to the punch and take your Father’s Day gift ideas in the direction of some light joking. We are of course talking about gag gifts.

Some great tongue in cheek Father’s Day gift ideas you can’t go past:

  • If he fancies himself a fisher, gift him a ‘How to Fish’ book and starter kit
  • Abook of Dad jokes so he can keep those stale jokes coming
  • A’NO’ button he can use when asked for lifts, money, and anything else
  • A pair of Grandpa slippers, to ease him into his old age

Surprise the old man this Father’s Day with Father’s Day gift ideas designed to crack a smile, raise an eyebrow, or even get an eye roll! PrintLocker offer mens personalised t-shirts for father and son, so design your custom t-shirt today.

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