How Colours Will Give Your Custom T-Shirt Different Meanings

Smart use of colour psychology is a subtle, yet highly-effective marketing technique used to influence emotions, which, in turn, direct behaviour. Why not give your branded t-shirts and marketing strategy an added edge with the strategic use of colour.

Did you know that some colours on the spectrum have been proven to influence our emotions? Clever marketers can gain the attention of customers by using these colours.

While it’s agreed that our responses to different colours are largely “coloured” by personal experiences, a study conducted by the University of Winnipeg points to the hard-to-ignore influence of colour on product purchasing decisions. One finding in the report titled ‘Impact of Colour in Marketing’ found that depending on the type of product, up to a huge 90% of instant judgments made by purchasers about a product can be influenced by colour alone.

How colour can be used to make your personalised t-shirts more appealing.

Personal responses aside, there are common emotional responses to specific colours that can impact the success of your design. Bright colours, for instance, are usually linked to positive emotions like happiness and joy. Darker colours can evoke feelings more associated with mystery or sadness.

  • Yellow

Yellow elicits feelings of positivity, joy and energy. Research has proved that yellow stimulates creativity and mental activity.

  • Red

Red is often associated with love and romance, but can also represent power and anger.

  • Black

The colour black has numerous associations, including elegance, mystery, luxury and grief. It is also a colour that holds great appeal for the younger demographic, which makes it an excellent choice for t-shirt designs for a youthful customer base.

  • Blue

Like black, blue evokes a range of emotional responses. It can induce feelings of calm and peacefulness, as well as sadness and depression, depending on how it’s used.

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