How Custom T-Shirts Can Help Promote Your Business

Printed t-shirts are custom gifts that can help get your brand noticed

Our culture pays close attention to fashion, particularly to what other people are wearing. Sometimes we can’t help ourselves reading the back of a person’s t-shirt, especially if it has an interesting statement or a witty exclamation. With an eye-catching design, people will never forget the message on your t-shirt.

Now imagine this t-shirt had your business’s brand on it with a slogan or cleverly-written tagline. With a good design to support your company’s message, you generate curiosity and give your brand some much-needed attention.

Anyone wearing your custom t-shirts can instantly become a brand ambassador. By turning your t-shirt designs into custom gifts, it’s easy to find dedicated brand ambassadors for your company.

Create custom gifts that promote your brand with our online t-shirt designer tool

Brand awareness

In today’s very competitive advertising world, you always want to be ahead of the game. You want to get your brand’s name out there and into the public consciousness.

Custom printed t-shirts with a great design will get the attention of prospective customers. A well-written phrase can stick in someone’s head for days. Do phrases like ‘just do it’ and ‘I’m lovin’ it’ ring a bell?

T-shirt printing is a unique way to build up your brand awareness across the country – and remember, a t-shirt travels, a billboard doesn’t. So, opt for professional custom t-shirts with your special branding on it.

stand out from the crowd with custom gifts


Professional positioning

Taking a unique advertising approach can put you way ahead of your competitors. If other companies aren’t using t-shirts to spread their brand message, then it gives you the edge. Advertising on custom gifts like t-shirts will show prospective customers that your business is willing to think outside the box.

T-shirt printing can give you an extra presence in the market and help create memorable recognition with your brand. So when customers have to weigh up whether to use your business or your competitor’s, brand awareness could give you the edge in the decision-making process.

The key thing about your custom t-shirts is the design. Not only do your T-shirt designs need to be on point in regards to your branding, but it needs to be memorable so people will relate back to it when considering your products. A catchy phrase or a bold design is all it takes to create standout customised t-shirts.

custom gifts for social media

New opportunities with social media

Social media has introduced us to some new and exciting ways to generate brand awareness. It’s easy to upload images of your brand or slogan on a social media platform.

Targeted social campaigns can get your brand onto social feeds, but how do you avoid people swiping past your ad? There are more organic ways to share your brand on social media.

With social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, it’s never been easier to get your brand out there. One post from an Instagram influencer wearing a corporate gift like your t-shirt, has the potential to reach thousands of followers.

Get noticed with PrintLocker

PrintLocker offers a unique way to spread your brand’s message. Custom printed t-shirts enable you to make anyone a brand ambassador.

With a quirky, engaging, or memorable message, your brand can stick in someone’s mind for weeks. Printed t-shirts can be handed out to willing brand ambassadors in the form of custom gifts.

With PrintLocker’s online t-shirt design tool, you can experiment with different designs until you’ve found the perfect one for your brand. Keep in mind that T-shirts aren’t the only custom gifts you can create at PrintLocker.

Your brand can be printed on a vast range of custom gifts like apronsbags, and phone cases. Every custom gift creates a new and exciting opportunity to get your brand noticed. Everyday activities like someone walking down the street or checking their phone become an opportunity to get your brand out there.

If you’re looking to create custom gifts with your brand’s image, get in touch with PrintLocker today.

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