How To Best Care For Your Printed T-Shirts

It’s a great feeling when you receive your custom t shirt with your chosen artwork. It looks great and you will want to wear it straight away. However, the next most important thing – apart from showing it off – is keeping it in good condition by following some important washing and drying instructions.

Custom-made printed t-shirts can become withered and faded, scratched and damaged, if not taken care of properly.

Here are the tips you should know in order to keep your custom t-shirt in the mint condition:

  • Washing

Once it’s time to wash, we strongly suggest that you do so in cold water only and turn your t-shirt inside out so you don’t disturb the printing work. Put it in on a gentle wash and avoid harsh chemicals. Use only gentle cleaning chemicals – and by all means, avoid bleach. This will ruin the design and the shirt itself.

  • Drying

Tumble dryers are the most convenient way to dry your clothing. However, the heat in the dryer can cause chipping on the colours of your printed artwork. We would suggest hanging it out to dry instead. Just remember, do not leave it in direct sunlight and hang it inside out to avoid fading.

  • Ironing

We do not recommend ironing your custom-made t-shirts. However, if you must iron it, be certain that you turn your shirt inside out, and when you apply the iron close or upon the underlying artwork, that you run over it gently or just iron the back and the sleeves. Ironing can destroy, melt down or distort your artwork.

There aren’t great lengths you need to go to when it comes to maintaining the quality of your custom t-shirt. Just keep in mind these tips and you’ll be able to wear it for years to come.

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