Personalised Halloween T-shirts that everyone will wish they thought of

personalised halloween t shirts that will frigthen anyone

Frighteningly easy to create

With another Winter almost under our belt, our thoughts turn to Halloween and the many ways we can haunt and humour our friends and peers. While there are lots of frightening factors surrounding this spooky day, nothing gets the hairs standing on the back of our necks quite like an expensive and over-complicated costume. The horror!

Fortunately we have found the best ideas for customised t-shirts for Halloween, all guaranteed to easily get the laughs and gasps.

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Beyonce’s infamous “Kale” jumper

If it’s good enough for Queen Bey, it will be good enough for you this Halloween. Take a literal leaf out of Beyonce’s book and transport the Halloween party back to 2015 when this iconic Kale jumper made its first appearance.

This can be easily printed on to a range or t-shirts and hoodies, leaving you to simply add kneepads to complete the look. This trick about to go off!

Antoni from Queer Eye

Culinary expert, Antoni, from Queer Eye is powerless before a slogan t-shirt making him great inspiration for your customised t-shirt for Halloween. There are many t-shirts you can draw from and re-create, but the ‘Jonathan&Karamo&Antoni&Bobby&Tan’ custom Halloween t-shirt might be the easiest one for others to recognise what you are going for.

All you need to finish the look is jeans and sneakers and you have the most accurate, yet easiest, Halloween look to pull together.

For a different look: You can play off this concept and replace those names with you and your friends. If you’re a fan of the Hogwarts three, you can show your devotion with a ‘Harry&Ron&Hermione’ customised t-shirts for Halloween.

Win “Rocky” Win

You can see it now, Eye of the Tiger blasting through the party as you arrive in your Rocky custom Halloween t-shirt.

Order a blue t-shirt with the simple lettering, and keep the hair out of your face with an elastic headband. Imagine how good it will feel to arrive to your event in track pants, for the sake of committing to your character.

Don’t forget when you receive your shirt, you’ll have to remove the sleeves so that your Rocky biceps are in full view. The price we pay for continuity.


There are not enough space opera’s anymore, so here is your chance to revive the genre with your best Flash Gordon outfit. The tighter the better, this look can be easily completed with jeans and sneakers. If you are not blonde you can don a wig for the night, although the iconic FLASH customised t-shirt for Halloween will be easily recognised by those you have seen the movie.

Warning: you may be requested to bust out a Queen ballad or two while wearing this t-shirt.

Be that person with the ironic shirt, ironically

custome halloween tshirts

Hater’s will say it’s lazy, but finding and printing an ironic customised t-shirt for Halloween could just break through all those same-same costumes. With so, so many options to choose here are the most iconic:

  • • ‘Frankie Says Relax’
  • • ‘Choose Life’
  • • ‘I heart NY’
  • • ‘Hard Rock Cafe’
  • • The Tuxedo Tee
  • • Jurassic Park tee

Once saturating the planet, these t-shirts have retired to the archive presenting the perfect opportunity to arrive in a costumer no one has seen for a long time.

Imagine the ‘ahhhhs’ and the ‘I remember’s’ when you roll in wearing these famously ironic custom Halloween t-shirts.

Napoleon Dynamite

The world fell in love with this strange protagonist over 15 years ago, not to mention his sidekick Pedro. Execute this easy look with only glasses and a head of curls needed, although expect to bear the brunt of many Napoleon quotes at your party if you choose to print this custom Halloween t-shirt!

Knock it off, Napoleon! Make yourself a dang quesadilla!

Create a personalised Halloween t-shirt this season, and shock the masses with the authenticity and ease at which you can emulate your chosen character.

Create one or all of these custom Halloween t-shirts and start your design online at PrintLocker, with a range of clothing styles ready for your inspiration. Another option is to make custom hoodies for Halloween, with plenty of ideas to choose from.

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