Personalised Kids T-shirt ideas

A lot of personality for the little one

Personalised shirts are a great way to bring some personality into a child’s wardrobe. Instead of choosing the same old design you see on the shelf in most department stores, try something a little more personal.

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When it comes to cute, there are only a few things that can outdo a set of siblings who are dressed in matching outfits. Custom t-shirts are a great way to match brothers and sisters and build a little comrade. Instead of just matching colours, you can match prints, designs or even have a few funny one liners that only siblings can get away with.

  • • Close in age? Design a shirt for one that says “I’m not John, that’s John”, with the other wearing “John”
  • • For a pair of hell raisers,  design one shirt that says “I get us into trouble” with the other “I get us out of trouble”
  • • If there is just one hell raiser in the pair, design one shirt that says “Everywhere I go trouble follows” with the other “Trouble”

Shout out to the relatives

Kids clothing is probably not the first thought when it comes to receiving praise. Personalised kids shirts however, are a great way to show some love to the entire family.

Think of custom t-shirts for kids that talk about “the best” relative, or “favourite” siblings. These style of shirts are not only cute, but they give the family member a real sense of love and connection.

If you are someone who enjoys the lighter side of personalised kids shirts, then try gifting a child a shirt that praises you specifically. How could you not when it’s so easy? Giving a gift and getting a few eye rolls is how you know you’ve done a great job.

A little personality

personalised kids tshirts

Clothes can be a great way to bring out a child’s personality. Personalised kids shirts offer a blank canvas that you can use to help give them confidence and sureness, inviting others to interact with them if they are too timid to do so.

  • • If they love to sing, maybe ‘Pop Star’ or ‘The Next Miley’ speaks to the little rockstar they are
  • • If they love to bake, show who the real cook in the kitchen is with a ‘Kiss the Cook’ shirt
  • • If they love science, get them laughing with a punny shirt ‘How do you organise a space party? You planet!’

Custom t-shirts for kids are a great way to help them stay focussed on their goal and give them the reassurance that their interests are being noticed.

A great gift idea

If you have ever struggled for what to get a dad, mother or even grandparent for their birthday, then try a personalised kids shirt. For the individual who has it all, don’t add more and instead show you care in another way.

  • • Instead of socks or jocks on Father’s Day, design a “As handsome as my Dad” custom t-shirt
  • • Greet mum on Mother’s Day with breakfast in bed and a “Best mum in the world” shirt
  • • Aunties and uncles will also want to be involved with “If you mess with me, you mess with my aunty” shirts and “Today I am my uncles problem” to be worn on those days he babysits

These types of gifts show the care, love and thought that is put into a gift for a loved one. They will also help create a memory to last a lifetime, especially if you get an adult shirt made to match.

Share the good news

Whether it is a special announcement or a gender reveal, the ways in which people share the news are getting more extravagant. A novel and fun way to share the good news that your family is growing would be to choose a personalised kids shirt.

  • • Announcing a pregnancy to your partner can be infinitely more personal using a custom t-shirt for your kids. Likewise, sharing the news with family will be even more personal and surprising if you are waiting for them to notice a shirt that says ‘Big sister’ or ‘Big brother to be’
  • • Gender reveals can be even more exciting using a personalised kids shirt. Have your custom t-shirt made for your kid and then get them to reveal the gender with an “It’s a boy” or “I’m getting a sister” message.

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