Personalised sports team hoodies inspiration

Looking the part is 90% of the battle

As a self-elected captain, it’s your duty to make sure the team look as good as they feel when on the field. After all, can you really call yourselves a team if you wear mismatched uniforms? Finding the right style and look to match the team vibe is crucial to tasting true success as a team.

Assemble your team in custom sports team shirts and hoodies with PrintLocker’s online designer.

Make it your own

When it comes to custom team shirts, the first step is making it your own. Be sure to include your team name and any slogan that helps represent what the team is all about.

This type of design is also a great way to poke fun at yourselves and flex your creative captaincy.

  • • For a fun and social league, “doing it for the pints afterwards” will always bring a laugh
  • • If you have a few cocky players, get them into a “At least half as good as I think I am” custom shirt
  • • You could even get new shirts designed each season, plastering your uniforms with the face of a new player each time

Stand out

You can count on social sport for a lot of things. Fun, fitness and the inevitable colour clash come with the territory. No team likes to wear the sweaty old bibs when you clash colours with another team, so use your custom sports team shirts to your advantage here.

  • • Avoid having to wear recycled bibs by designing a custom team shirt in a unique colour, instead of opting for the plain black or white
  • • If your team are the tigers, why not try an orange shirt with a black stencil outline of the animal
  • • Shock the competition altogether with neon pink or yellow

Fit for purpose

Depending on what kind of team you are will heavily influence the style of custom team shirt you are looking for. A long sleeved hoodie or sweater shirt probably aren’t best for a running, jumping, and athletic game, with a crew neck shirt better suited.

Browsing by sport is a great way to start your search. For summer sports, look for breathable options for your custom sports team shirt. If you play throughout the year you can even have a summer and winter kit respectively.

Consider the build of your team by getting a variety of sizes and confirming them with team members to avoid any awkward changing room moments and disappointments.

All for one and one for all

As a leader, you know that there is no I in team. Before you lock in any orders for your customer sports team shirts, agree the design with your team. You could even vote on the most hilarious or relevant design idea or leave the decision in the hands of various members.

  • • Best on ground at the final gets to pick the colour, and worst kick gets to pick the picture you print
  • • Everyone can submit a seperate colour and slogan for the team, then pick at random the winners out of a hat
  • • If you are down to 2 or 3 designs, ask the next team that beats you to pick 1, 2 or 3 and whatever they pick is your new kit

Not only will this ensure everyone is excited to get a shirt, but it also helps to create bonds in the team. Allow each team member to contribute a little detail to the custom team shirts and you’ll reap the rewards on the field as well.

Start designing online your new PrintLocker kit, with a range of custom hoodies and shirts available. Make an impact on and off the field with kit that will turn heads.

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