Promo Ideas For Branded T-shirts

Custom logo t-shirts can be an effective part of the promotional strategy for your business. They’re a favoured incentive for prompting customers to take action or for building your internal culture among staff.

As an expression of your brand, a custom logo t-shirt can be clean and simple, bold and sassy or subtle and clever. Most of us won’t say no to a good quality, promo tee, so here are some ideas for making use of custom t-shirts in your business.

Promote a new product or service

If you’ve diversified or added to your product range, share the news with on a custom t-shirt that your staff can flaunt to drum up customers interest and get them to purchase your new product. You could even look to give your free t-shirts away if they are creative enough that customers can’t wait to put one on.

Expand your social media influence

Host a giveaway session across social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Ask people to like, comment or share to stand a chance to win one of your branded t-shirts. This initiative can be part of a campaign or a once-off kick-starter, but make sure the design or message is unusual or cool enough to be desired by this meme-exhausted audience.

Collect more data

Knowing who your customers are and being able to communicate with them directly is a valuable asset to your business. Offer a free t-shirt in exchange for a name and email address when they buy a product.

Encourage customer feedback and loyalty

Providing the perfect product or service requires customer feedback, but few people will complete a satisfaction survey without an incentive. A quality shirt with an embroidered logo can be a classy way of saying “thank you” for taking the time to provide meaningful information.

A t-shirt could also be a thank you gift in recognition of customer loyalty and as a way to mark certain milestones in their relationship with your business.

Boost staff morale and build your brand

A t-shirt isn’t a large enough gift to generate jealousy, but it can serve as a token of appreciation for additional effort in any area of your business. Recognise the efforts of your staff or have employees wear your company shirts if they are likely to interact with your customers. It can look smart and professional and help customers know at once who to approach if they need help.

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