School hoodie design ideas

School hoodies design

Design and print school hoodies that every student will love

Ordering and designing school hoodies can be stressful. They’ve got to be affordable, warm, well-designed, well-made, and they have to arrive on time. In today’s schools, you even need to ensure that the hoodie has been ethically made. Most importantly, they’ve got to look great.

The stakes are high, and it’s not something you want to get wrong. Teenagers aren’t exactly known for being the most forgiving people in the world. That’s why we’ve put together this list of school hoodie design ideas, to help you navigate the process.

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Pick the right hoodie for your school

Before you start thinking about patterns and prints, you’ve got to choose which sort of hoodie you’re going to use. The choice you make will depend on the desired cut of the design, and the weight of the fabric.

  • AS Colour Supply HoodieNot too baggy, and not too tight, either. This is a mid-weight hoodie (290 GSM) with a relaxed cut should fit just right.
  • AS Colour Official Zip HoodieThe Zip Hoodie fits just like the Colour Supply and is made of the same fabric. However, it also features a zip down the front, so it can be worn open or closed.
  • AS Colour Adult Stencil Hoodie: This hoodie has a thicker fabric (350 GSM), so it’s great for colder climates. The cut is a bit leaner and longer than the other hoodies, for a chic and stylish look.
  • JBs Wear Adult Fleecy Hoodie: Bigger and baggier than the other hoodies, the JBs Wear Adult Fleecy Hoodie has a classic appeal.
  • JBs Wear Kids Fleecy Hoodie: The other options are terrific for Year 12 students. But what about smaller people graduating from primary school? For a customisable hoodie that comes in kid’s sizes, this is a great option.

Pick the right colour for the school hoodie

school colours

If you choose the right colour and design, students will want to wear their hoodies all the time. When selecting the colour of the fabric keep these things in mind:

  • • Will it match the different uniforms? Many schools have two different sets of uniforms for the summer and winter months. And, at co-ed schools, there are different uniforms for boys and girls, too. Make sure you choose a colour that goes with everything.
  • • Is it a colour that everybody can enjoy? With so many students to accommodate, it’s important to choose an inclusive colour. Bright red will be eye catching, but it might be considered unflattering by students with a rosy complexion. Pink is in vogue at the moment, but it might turn off some of the rugby players—although, then again, you never know. Cialis

Show school spirit with your hoodie design

The most important thing about the look of a school hoodie is that people can tell which school it’s from. Put your school’s logo and motto front and centre, where everybody can see it.

It’s important that the execution is perfect on your design. With PrintLocker’s online design tool, it’s easy to import high-res images for printing. That way, the images and text on the hoodie won’t look grainy and distorted.

Put nicknames on your school hoodies

School hoodies are a great opportunity for students to show off their creativity. Each hoodie can be personalised with a nickname. And, with PrintLocker, you can easily do so online.

Hot tip: Have a teacher check all the nicknames, on the off chance that somebody chooses something that is defamatory, profane, or both.

Customise the front, back, and sides of Year 12 hoodies

There are so many options for designing a school hoodie.

  • • You could put the school name on the front of the hoodie, with the graduating year on the sleeves.
  • • The nickname could go on the front, or the back.
  • • The names of everybody in the graduating class could fit on the back, or be part of a design on the front.

With so many surfaces, and so much freedom, the possibilities are endless. Generic Xanax online

Work with a team on the school hoodie design

As the Romans put it, de gustibus non est disputandum. Or, for those who weren’t paying attention in Latin class, there is no accounting for taste.

That said, there are steps you can take to make sure your hoodie design has broad appeal. Work with a committee—maybe a combination of teachers and students– this way there is a better chance of ending up with a hoodie that everybody can enjoy.

For maximum involvement, you could come up with a range of different designs, and then put that to a school-wide vote.

Get started designing school hoodies with Print Locker’s easy-to-use design platform.

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