T-Shirt Design Trends Rocking 2018

It’s turning out to be an exciting year for t-shirt print design, and we’ve ditched some fashion trends in Australia to make way new ones. If you’ve swapped the Gucci tees out, there are plenty of new and original styles making an impact. Here’s what to look out for:

Are you the type?

Slogan typography is one of the hottest trends in 2018. Probably inspired by social memes, fun phrases and ironic one-word musings are combined with creative typography to make a statement about youthful rebellion. The monochromatic or bold colour schemes almost hark back to the ’80s colour palette, but with a twist.

Evolving holographs

Holographs first reappeared on the scene last year, but now they’ve gained a glitch. This “glitch” effect is created when colour pigments are stretched, pixelated and distorted. It’s used with illustration, typography and photographic images.

Deeper into the jungle

Wild animal prints feature heavily this year, becoming more moody and intense than we’ve seen in the past, with dark backgrounds and dense jungle scenes. Re-interpreting classic animal prints for 2018 requires a new juxtaposition of exotic and tropical prints.

Digital and DIY mismatches

Surreal and playful collages emerged this year, with cut-and-paste techniques, including scratched and splashed puzzles appearing. It’s grunge with an edge.

Waveform physics

From the depths of the sea to the unknown cosmos, prints are reflecting a combination of nebula, sea creatures, ocean movement and science fiction.

Traditional meets urban

A nomadic global spirit is being expressed with hybrid t-shirts combining traditional African, Japanese and Middle-Eastern influences with global references and an urban street look. It’s a bold colour palette.

Retro summer vacations

T-shirt designs are reflective of nostalgic ’70s and ’80s USA road trips. Like faded postcards, the prints showcase palm resorts and arid deserts. Polaroid photos and tourist t-shirts inspire content and repeat patterns.

What kind of creative ideas are sparked in your imagination by these exciting trends and what unique twists can you add for a local, Australian interpretation? Get working on those leading ideas and speak to us at PrintLocker about bringing your creativity to life.

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