The do’s and don’ts of printed fabric care

printed fabric care guide

Care instructions you should follow to keep your t-shirt in good condition.

It’s a great feeling when you receive your custom t-shirt with your chosen artwork printed on it. The design looks great, and you’ll want to wear it straight away. However, the next most important thing – apart from showing it off – is keeping it in good condition.

Custom-made t-shirts can become withered and faded, scratched and damaged, if the right printed fabric care isn’t taken. Following some vital care instructions will help your t-shirt stay in pristine condition for years to come.

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It’s essential that the right steps are taken throughout the processes of washing, drying, and ironing your t-shirt. The printed artwork of your t-shirt can be damaged from excess heat and friction. That’s why it’s so essential to follow the right steps for maintaining your t-shirt.

So to get the most out of your custom-printed t-shirt, we advise showing it a little TLC. Follow our tips on printed fabric care, and your t-shirt will look as good as new after every wash.


When it’s time to wash your t-shirt, we strongly suggest using the cold wash setting. Using a hot wash setting can cause your clothes to shrink and make colours fade.

Before washing, we strongly recommend turning your t-shirt inside out. Your t-shirt’s print will be protected from friction which can lead to cracks and flaking. Using a gentle wash will also help to protect your t-shirt from harsh friction.

For consistent printed fabric care results, we recommend avoiding harsh chemicals for your t-shirt’s washing cycle. Harsh chemicals like bleach can make whites brighter, but they can also prematurely fade the prints on your shirt.


drying clothes with printed fabric care

Using a tumble dryer is a fast and convenient way to dry your clothing. However, the heat from your dryer can cause chipping on your t-shirt’s printed artwork.

Hanging your t-shirt out to dry is one of the safer options for drying your t-shirt. Just remember that exposure to direct sunlight can fade your t-shirt’s print. So consider hanging your clothes indoors or under an outdoor structure like a pergola.

After your clothes are dry, try to avoid stacking them in a big pile. Leaving your t-shirt under a big pile of freshly-dried clothes can cause more unsightly creases. Try folding your t-shirt straight after picking it from the line.


We do not recommend ironing for printed fabric care. The heat from your iron can damage your t-shirt’s print. However, if you must iron it, turn your shirt inside out first.

When you apply a hot iron close or upon the underlying artwork of your t-shirt, run over it gently or just iron the back and the sleeves instead. Ironing can destroy, melt or distort your t-shirt’s artwork.

When you’re hanging wet clothes, you run the risk of causing wrinkles on them during the drying process. Ironing your t-shirt when it’s slightly damp is another way to avoid wrinkles. Iron your t-shirt and then let it dry completely on the line to avoid creating any more wrinkles.

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printed fabric care instruction

There aren’t great lengths you need to go to when it comes to maintaining the quality of your custom print t-shirt. A little extra patience and attention to detail are all you need to achieve great printed fabric care.

Just keep our care tips in mind during the washing and drying process. Follow our advice, and you’ll be able to wear your t-shirt for years to come. When in doubt you can always read the care instructions you’ll find on any of our custom-printed t-shirts.

If you have any concerns about maintaining your t-shirt, don’t hesitate to contact PrintLocker directly. We can offer you sound advice on printed fabric care for your t-shirt.

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