Three Ways That Your Business Could Benefit from Printing

At PrintLocker we pride ourselves on providing a variety of printing services to our customers – regardless of whether you have personal, or professional requirements on your agenda. If there’s one thing that we understand more than most, it’s just how much of an impact branded printing can make to a business.

We’re so used to brands, logos and company names wherever we go that it’s actually become a part of who we are. As far as a businesses’ marketing plans are concerned, this offers one hell of a potential platform to publicise on, without crossing the line between hard-sales and comfortable ones. No one likes to be bombarded with sales techniques, but the majority of people are more than happy to consider their options if things are presented in a slightly more appealing way.

And this is where printed products come in handy! But how can they benefit a business, and are they really worth investing in?

Customisable options for businesses of all sizes

If you run a café, restaurant, or a premises that offers food services in general – you could definitely stand to benefit from a set of matching uniforms that proudly display your brand’s logo. When a patron walks into an eatery, they subconsciously appreciate the sight of a uniformed team that are there to cater to their needs, so printed hats, t shirts and even aprons are a great way to go.

Promoting an event

You see it all the time – people running marathons in matching shirts, as well as those that attend events like hen nights, stag dos and baby showers wearing a matching item of clothing. If you’re running a business and you have a special event to celebrate or promote – then the potential of having a set of shirts printed to endorse the event can be very beneficial.

Even the smallest events can benefit, in fact this is why you’ll see the teams on shows like The Apprentice wearing the same outfits. It’s not to mark the teams out as different to one another, it’s to show customers that the team are actually parts of a unified group – and all people like to feel like they are part of something bigger.

Creating instant recognition

How do you think that brands like Samsung, Adidas and other global enterprises became as instantly recognisable as they are right now? They branded their company of course! All businesses have to start somewhere and the more effort that they put into their branding, the more likely it will be for their name to spread far and wide.

Printed t-shirts, hats, hoodies and other items of clothing are a great place to start. Clothing companies actually use these types of options frequently when having their clothing manufactured, so if they’re enjoying boundless profits each year, clearly it would be beneficial to mimic the same strategies that they practice!

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