Top Design Tips For Your Custom T-Shirt

Creating a custom t-shirt is all about being unique, memorable and engaging. What we mean by this is that it’s important that whether for business or personal use, you want it to stand out and draw people’s attention straight away. How do you go about doing that? Well here’s what you should consider before designing your custom t-shirt:

  • Creativity

Nothing beats real creativity. However, it’s important that you don’t go too crazy and people either don’t understand or cringe at your design altogether. You want it to be original and clever, which means you need to sit down and think of what will make your custom t-shirt stand out the most.

  • Not too busy

You may have a million and one ideas – great. Use those ideas for different custom t-shirts. However, for the one you want to create right now, think of one idea and stick to it without making it look too busy. If one doesn’t work, you’ve already got another design ready to go in the future. Keep each of them simple and to the point.

  • What’s your message?

Take the time to think about every character that will printed. How does it read? Does your message flow? Is it written or visually expressed? Think of the main reason why you want a custom t-shirt and you want to convey. Once you’ve got your idea, it’s crucial that you get your message right.

  • Imagery/Graphics

A plain white t-shirt with a few words can be effective – but if you want to make it stand out and look original, then you may want to think about what image or colours would represent your message best. Think about bold, contrasting colours and impactful images that will no doubt get people looking your way.

Now that you have considered and answered some of these questions, you can go ahead and start designing your custom t-shirt – or if you’re struggling with your design, we can help you create one. Follow these steps to ensure you will be the envy of all your competitors, and one that will tell the world what you really feel and like.

For professional advice about your custom t-shirt design, contact us today and we’ll help you create something that makes sure you or your brand stands out.

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