What Brand of T Shirt Is Best For Printing

What is the best quality t shirt brand for printing?

Printing: it’s truly that final make-or-break variable when it comes to a successful custom t-shirt business or printing your customised branded merch.

Whether you are looking to start a thriving t-shirt business, already have one established, or you’re spreading your style around to the fans with customised printed apparel, it’s important to find that perfect t-shirt brand that you can trust to put your precious art onto – one that allows you to marvel at what you’ve created.

But how do you choose the best quality t-shirt brand for printing? That is the question.

After all, your logo and designs are incredible.
But you need the right t-shirt canvas to put them on.

So, considering there are a wide range of t-shirt brands for printing, let’s unpack the varying factors to consider when choosing from the t-shirt brands available in the Australian market. 

Don’t stress. We’ll help guide you toward the right decision for your t-shirt business. 

Best t-shirt brands for custom printing: the factors to consider

When deciding which customisable t-shirt brands are the right choice for your merch or t-shirt business, the following factors should be top of mind:

1. Fabric quality

It goes without saying that higher-quality fabrics tend to hold printed ink more effectively resulting in a smoother surface and long-lasting print. While there are many possible fabric options, cotton and polyester are generally preferred.

This is why t-shirt brands with high-quality fabric for printing are a great place to start your search. Choose your clothing canvas wisely!

2. Colour options

Right. When it comes to colour, the options are surprisingly pretty simple. Typically speaking, for dark ink styles, look towards lighter-coloured fabrics, and for lighter ink styles choose dark fabrics for the best result when it comes to t-shirt brands for printing.

Have a look at your visionary designs. What colours will work best to show off your unique creations?

3. T-shirt sizing

When it comes to choosing the right t-shirt sizing, there is no perfect fit for everyone. Instead, it’s best to just keep it within some basic parameters that closely match your desired audience and that are consistent amongst the most reputable t-shirt brands.

4. Brand reputation

We will unpack specific t-shirt brands just below, but until then, keep in mind a quote from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos:

“You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.”

Creating quality t-shirts isn’t easy. So, if a print-friendly t-shirt brand seems to have a well-respected reputation, chances are they do it well. 

5. Pricing

Of course, everybody has their respective budgets, but when it comes to t-shirt pricing, take a look at which print-friendly t-shirt brands provide maximum value (and by value we mean all of the above) for their price. 

The best T-Shirt Brands for printing

Now that you know what to look out for, let’s check out some of the market’s leading best plain t shirt brands for printing to help you make the right decision for your creative vision.

Understandably, when it comes to printing designs, plain t-shirts are the most optimal and that is exactly what the following t-shirt companies provide. 

For more information on each of these brands and others, check out the stockist on PrintLocker website.

Yep, we did all the hard work for you. You’re welcome!


Anvil is a solid and reliable t-shirt brand. With plain t-shirts that are 100% cotton, soft and unisex, they are a safe and versatile option that likely suits any budget. Thanks to a pre-shrinking process, after-wash shrinking is minimal to non-existent for that long-term perfect fit.

AS Colour

AS Colour provides some of the widest variety of tees on the market with options for all shapes, colours and budgets. Their 100% combed cotton fabric proves perfect for digital printing and like Anvil has minimal shrinkage due to a pre-shrink design process. That said, expected to pay a slightly higher price for AS Colour’s quality – however when you’re looking for the best quality t shirt brand for printing, you need to take this into account.


Also with a wide variety, Gildan t-shirts stand out for their extra light fit. In a similar price range to AS Colour, these t-shirts are perfect for summer clothing and children’s brands. So, just keep your ideal audience in mind when deciding if this is the best quality t shirt brand for printing and if it’s right for your audience.


Though having a plain front and back like all other t-shirt brand options, RAMO is especially known for their unique Raglan design. With a mid-range price level and women’s puff shirt options available, their specialist cuts make them a good t-shirt brand for printing if they’re what you’re aiming for.


Though offering a limited range of colours, Sportage is renowned for their slim-fit Women’s V-necks which are 100% combed cotton. Like Gildan, Sportage has a particularly lightweight cut and feel.

Have you found the best quality t shirt brand for printing?

You’re now got a solid list. You must be excited to get started!

When it comes to finding the best plain t shirt brands for printing your custom t-shirts or personalise merch, there is just no one size fits all approach. Instead, it’s best to have an understanding of your specific needs and consult with your chosen printing professional for their recommendations. 

Some print companies will even let you bring your own garments!

In other words, just talk to your local trusted team at PrintLocker. We’ll look after you and everything else.

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So, what are you waiting for? 

When it comes to t-shirt brands for printing, partner with us today.

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