What’s the Deal with Kanye West’s Fashion Brand?

If you’ve never heard of Kanye West before, we’d love to know where you’ve been hiding – but something that you might not know is that this notorious rap musician is also the proud owner of his very own fashion brand. We’re not talking about his deal with Adidas, nor his numerous runway shows; we’re referring specifically to the brand that he runs in his free time. This is where he is able to showcase his latest designs for the world to see.

What’s Kanye Offering?

Now if you’re anything like us, you’ll be keen to know the name of Kanye’s brand. He is known to be inconspicuous at times and as expected, there’s more information on what his brand isn’t called, than what it is! So, if you’re hoping to check out his latest designer outfits, what exactly should you look for?

Here’s a shocker for you – his brand is actually called Kanye West. That’s literally it.

Why is this you might be asking? Well, when your name is as big a selling point as it is, why would you settle for anything less as far as your branding is concerned? If there’s one thing that we understand more than most right here at PrintLocker, it’s that branding really matters. If your name carries enough weight, then you should definitely use it to its fullest potential!

Where does ‘Yeezy’ come into it?

Kanye often goes by the name Yeezy, in fact this nickname has been with him for years and many of his closest followers won’t refer to him in any other way. As a result, some of his products are listed as the Yeezy Collection, which is actually quite catchy when you say it a few times. What Kanye has done is take his own branded image and applied it to a host of his own products – all of which are now considered his intellectual property.

So, what’s our point here? Well, if you’re keen to brand your business in a way that makes it instantly recognisable, or if you want to ensure that your special event gets as much attention as it deserves, then we’d encourage you to mimic the practices performed by Kanye West himself. Don’t just treat your logo as the main icon for your company – consider it your emblem and make sure to include it everywhere; from your printed t shirts, all the way to your accessories.

The best way to promote a brand is to place it comfortably within the public eye. Even Kanye uses his own tag-line and logo inside of the tags of his clothing, so that whoever buys his latest pieces will always know who designed it and where it came from.

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