Your Guide To Choosing The Best Ink Colours For Your Custom T-Shirts

When it comes time to select and design your custom t shirt, it can be a very exciting and creative task. You may have already decided on the branding, the words and the design.

However, when you select your colours, especially when looking at the preview on the computer screen, you should be aware of the possibility of colour distortion when the custom t-shirts are actually printed.

The reason why we warn you of this problem is that on the computer, the filters make the colours you select appear more vibrant than they will appear once printed. However, an experienced and professional custom t-shirt designer will be able to advise you on what colours are best suited for your t-shirt.

Here are some tips on the colour combinations that work well for custom t-shirts:

  • Dark T-Shirts

Darker T-Shirts look the best with lighter colours such as light blue, red, white and yellow. You want your custom t-shirt to be visible; and although several darker colours such as brown, dark blue and maroon may look great on the computer, once printed, there may be a bit of colour distortion, resulting in a more dull and illegible outcome.

  • Light T-Shirts

With light custom t-shirts, we advise that you select the base colour of the shirt carefully. A yellow would not work so well with light-coloured writing or logos, and the same goes for pink or blue shirts. What we suggest, in a case in which you desire white against pink or another lighter T-Shirt, that you use a dark outline to enhance the legibility. For the best result, use dark colour designs or text when printing on a light t-shirt.

Take into account these points before you go ahead with the exciting part of selecting your t-shirt design colours – and remember to consult with your custom T-Shirt designer to ensure that the result is what you have in mind. You want your writing to “pop” and be visible; that’s the whole point, right?

If you’re looking for a professional, experienced custom t-shirt printing company, contact us today and we’ll help you nail your ideas and colour choices.

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